Setting up your email is usually very easy when you’re using Gmail or Outlook. You just select whichever service you’re using and sign in with your username and password. But what happens when you have to set up your account manually with the information provided directly from your hosting provider?
In this tutorial I will be walking you through the simple steps of setting up your email account manually.

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What You Will Need

Whether you have set up the account yourself or your hosting provider has set it up for you, you should be provided with the same information. The information that you will need is the following:

InformationDescriptionWhat We Will Use
Username Usually your email address.
Password The password for your email account.
Incoming Server Usually your IMAP server for receiving mails.
Outgoing Server Your SMTP server for sending mails.

It is important not to share these details as anyone that you share this with will be able to access your emails and could also send emails from your email address.

Setting Up Your Email On iOS Or iPadOS

Open Settings and select Mail.

Select Accounts.

Select Add Account.

Select Other. 

Select Add Mail Account.

Fill in your name, email and password. The description field will autofill but you can edit this if needed. Select Next.

Fill in your Hostname, Username and Password for both incoming and outgoing mail servers and select Next.

Select Save. Your email account should now show in the Mail app.

Setting Up Your Email On Mac

Open System Preferences and select Internet Accounts.

Select Add Other Account. 

Select Mail Account.

Fill in your Name, Email and Password and select Sign In.  

Fill in your Username, Password as well as the Incoming and Outgoing Server details and select Sign In. 

Select Done. Your email will now show in the Mail app. 

Setting Up Your Email On Outlook

Open Outlook Preferences and select Accounts. 

Select Add Email Account.

Fill in your email and select Continue.

Select IMAP/POP.

Fill in your Password as well as Incoming and Outgoing Server details and select Add Account. Your email will now be added to Outlook. 

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