What is Gatekeeper

If you use a Mac, you probably know what this is already. Gatekeeper is a security feature built in to every Mac. What it basically does is looks at the app you are trying to open and checks if it is from the App Store, an identified developer or an unidentified developer. It is there to make sure that the apps you open do not harm your Mac. 

Why Would I Disable Gatekeeper

Sometimes you will need to install apps that are not notarized by Apple, and gatekeeper will not allow you to do this. For more information on this, check out out post on Notarized Apps. 

How to Disable Gatekeeper

Disabling gatekeeper is actually very simple and can be done with a few steps. 

Step 1

Open Terminal. You can either use spotlight to find it or manually open it from the Utilities folder in Applications. 

Step 2

Type the following followed by enter: 
sudo spctl --master-disable

Step 3

Type in your admin password and hit enter. You will not see your password when you type it in so make sure you type it correctly. 

With this done, you have successfully disabled gatekeeper. You can verify this by opening system preferences, clicking Security & Privacy and navigating to the General tab. At the bottom you will see a section called “Allow apps downloaded from:”. The option selected should now be “Anywhere” 

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