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What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is arguably one of the most important elements of getting your website up and running. Why? Because web hosting allows you to get your website onto the internet and enables customers to access your website online.

Hosting companies allow you to place your website onto their servers. Your website is then presented to the internet from their server. There are many factors to consider when choosing how to host your website, and we will be going through a few of them.

Shared vs Managed Hosting

There are two main types of hosting, shared hosting and managed hosting. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the correct type is based on what you require from your website.

Choosing between shared and managed hosting is solely dependant on your needs. For those who need a simple site or are working on a budget, shared hosting would be the best option. For those who are wanting an intricate site with optimal performance and additional support, managed hosting is the way to go.

Hosting Packages

Hosting companies often offer a variety of packages from which you can choose. Each package comes with different features and choosing the correct package is based on what features you require.

How Can We Help You

Finding the best hosting option can take some time and research. Time that we would like you to spend ensuring your company’s success. We can take in what your requirements are and how you would like everything to run and find the most optimal solution for you.

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